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Care of my new Oil Painting:

Q.  How do I take care of my new Painting?
A.  With a sheepskin-type or other natural duster, dust lightly and frequently enough to keep the painting free from lint and dust. Plastic and feather dusters tend to get caught in the crevices of the frame and may damage the painting. The corners of the frame can be cleaned lightly with a small, soft paintbrush.

Q.  How do I protect my new Painting?
A.  Your new painting is just starting to cure. It will take several years for the oil to dry completely.  To protect your new painting, here are some guidelines:

  1. Please ensure that your oil is not exposed to cleaning solutions or any liquids.
  2. Prevent exposure to sunlight and other UV rays.  Over time, this exposure will cause the painting to dry prematurely, crack, and will affect the pigmentation (color) of the painting. More info about fading.

Q.  I ordered a painting with a frame and the backing has openings.  What are these openings for?
A.  The openings are to allow the canvas to breathe. Please do not cover these.

Q:  I ordered a painting without a frame.  What are my choices for framing an original oil painting?
A.  The natural beauty of the oil painting can be enjoyed in several ways:

         1. Open-Back or Pre-Made Frames:  Stretch the canvas on stretcher bars and place in an open-back frame.  Many frame shops carry an assortment of pre-made frames or can create a custom frame.

2. Gallery Wrap:  Stretch the canvas on stretcher bars where the white edges of the painting are completely hidden underneath the bars.  The painting can be displayed in this manner without a frame.

3. Dry Mount:  The canvas is mounted on board instead of stretching. The painting can be displayed in this manner with or without the frame. Although this method prevents stretching the canvas, the process may be difficult to reverse.

CAUTION:  Never place an oil painting behind glass. Placing the oil behind glass:

    1. Does not allow the painting to breathe and properly cure.
    2. Obscures and changes the natural beauty of the oil.

 For the best experience and care in framing your new painting, we recommend a visit to a professional framer/frame shop. They can discuss with you their recommendations and appropriate methods.  We can also frame your new painting and are available to answer your questions regarding framing. Please contact us at   

Q:  Can you provide more information about possible fading of my painting?
A.  The causes of fading can be linked directly to the makeup of sunlight. Sunlight is made up of three elements:

  1. Visible Light: The part which enables us to see;
  2. Infrared Light:  The part which we feel as heat;
  3. Ultraviolet Light: We neither feel nor see it, but it is the main factor which causes fading.


Ariel Art Galleries recommends avoiding all forms of exposure to sunlight (direct and indirect light) or, the installation of professional, guaranteed window film. More information at:

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