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Families of years ago commissioned artists to paint portraits which they would display with great pride in their homes.
Today, these family portraits are regarded as famous and command extreme prices.

Allow us to create your  family heirloom by capturing the special moments in your life on canvas.

Prices for one person, full body (more details on left side bar).*
8x10  $167 20x30 $424
12x16 $243 24x36 $481
16x20 $326 36x48 $612
20x24 $374 *Lower prices for pets

Portrait embellishment is a centuries old technique which was used by only the elite of the times.

Today, Ariel Art Galleries, has resurrected the beauty, luster, and excitement of seeing a simple image transformed into a fine oil painting befitting royalty.

Ariel Art Galleries simplifies the process of creating your own personal, fine oil painting, portrait. Simply choose a photo with a facial expression and posture you love, choose a style of portrait and let us do the rest!

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